Then approximately -20 years of functioning in mail order wife market Yourbride website has the knowledge on how to help you in your idea to meet a perfect woman from Russia. In a case you buy the subscription to the platform you can access a wide selection of girls from Europe: the accent is made on Ukrainian girls but you have a possibility to meet female members from- the rest of Russian countries too.

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You may meet over 18000 active members on Yourbride. The platform collaborates with nearly a hundred regional agencies that select the most attractive Chinese ladies and help them create an account on the portal. China proves to be an immense country with lots of citizens; hence, new women emerge in agencies day by day and get in the Web-based community of the Qpid Network. Indeed, in a case you create an account on the site you have to keep in mind that you have an opportunity to talk to all the women connected with the Network and that you are not restricted with Chinese market.

After all, the website can boast of nearly 70000 visitors a month and nearly 2000 individuals are on the website regardless the time you visit the platform. You have a possibility to concentrate on communication with those visitors who are on the website or with those who have just joined the venue or you have a chance to hunt for your perfect match – it depends on you!


Ladies from Europe create an impression of sensitive and dedicated brides. Foreigners worldwide are fascinated with their tender beauty and want to date gorgeous European women in person. Nevertheless, not every gentleman would come up with idea to visit Europe just to stray and wait for any woman to get acquainted with him. Generally, foreign gentlemen lack a plain reason to go to Europe. And online dating websites have a possibility to give gentlemen an argument to travel abroad.

Yourbride dating site is amongst the platforms that introduce European girls to their future spouses. The venue is dedicated to European region and belongs to the Qpid Network which also cooperates with agencies from Slavic countries, some other Europen countries, and with ladies from Latin America. The platform was created in 1998 and can boast of around 20 years of experience. During this time hundreds cross-national pairs got married and many singles are waiting for happiness.

The venue provides diverse and convenient characteristics that give a chance to ladies and gentlemen communicate all over the world. The true love which is triggered by naïve Cupid note and develops into a face-to-face meeting is supported by interpreters that let the lovers talk to each other. It means that, the portal is trying to eliminate cultural and linguistic obstacles and lets the lovers be togetherLike this, now, international dating sites suggest to display deeply helpful services as sophisticated electronic rooms are able to fulfill the needs of the most demanding and difficult users..

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Yourbride dating site register procedure creates an impression of the simple and fast as it asks only your email, a few letters for password and credit card information. After disclosing this data you have a chance to start viewing the platform for free. The free subscription is treated as beneficial as you have some time to research the platform and to get acquainted with profiles of girls registered on the website. In addition, registration on Yourbride dating site gives you an opportunity to access the other sites that belong to the Qpid Network. It means that, one profile opens you the doors into numerous realms – Russian countries, Latin American regions, and East European area. Because of the comprehensible but progressive search functions, you may easily find those ladies that possess features which you think are cute.

Furthermore, in a case you have Android devices you have a possibility to benefit from utilizing the mobile application that gives you access to live chats and helps you to maintain the dialogue with the girls even in a case you cannot use you laptop.

How to Judge the Reality of Yourbride Ladies attitude towards scam pretty complex and strict. All the Russian women who are eager to become a member of the website is supposed to come to local agencies and talk to specialists who check their plans. The selection of the ladies does not terminate at the interview stage. Apart from the intentions which every girl has, specialists are supposed to verify her identification and ensure that she does not plan to mislead the agency and the possible boyfriends. The data are being analyzed.

Moreover, the website teams up with GeoTrust and TrustWave to guarantee that the confidential information of the customers and their credit card data are not about to encounter any sort of risk. Also, every user has a chance to get familiar with safety hints shared on the website.

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Yourbride dating site proves to be solicitous about the pages of its users. All the girls are expected to disclose holistic details in numerous aspects: they should post general facts concerning their personalities (date of birth, marital status, children, level of education, profession), list their interests and hobbies, name selected traits of character, and voice their dreams. Besides, all the images on the site are supposed to be taken lately and the level of English of every female user is always underlined. Due to Yourbride search options you have a possibility to detect those female members that seem to be your ideal spouses.

The site itself gives you a list of several matches on the basis of the data you disclosed in your profile. Thus, clients are interested in making the profile informative. Also, your page is shared not exclusively on the portal but on the sister portals and in regional agencies so that women that experience troubles with the Web could view your profile and find you.

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A lot of Ukrainian girls wait on the platform while you would text them. Unfortunately, as long as you exploit the free membership you have no opportunity to start the conversation with the female members and you need to upgrade your membership in order to benefit from all the features that website has a chance to facilitate you with. At first, you can post Cupid notes to those women from Ukraine who you perceive as attractive. You pay nothing for the note but it allows you to check the water and to let a selected lady know that find yourself attracted to her. Afterwards, you have a chance to invite the female user to speak in the instant chat you have a possibility to contact her by phone. You do not have to be concerned about the chmisunderstanding as interpreters will help you: they will translate your emails and words to the women, backwards.

To disclose your fascination you can start from sending Web-based gifts and step-by-step carry forward to the presents and flowers delivery. If you and your girl decide that it is high time for an offline meeting you have a chance to order so-called Cupid date: Yourbride dating site is willing to organize the trip, take care of tickets, rent a flat, help with visas, etc. Also, Yourbride offer you to take the lady to your hometown lawfully so that you have no problems at home.

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You have an opportunity to seek your special lady from Europe for free as the initial subscription -has nothing to do with money. However, the other Yourbride date services are not free of charge and you should reconsider the class of your membership when you are willing to talk to any female user on the website. During the first month you need to prepare $3.99 however for the following months, you would need to disburse $9.99. The acquisition of the Premium membership brings you 2 credits and fifteen free chats. Credits perform the role of digital tokens: they are needed if you are willing to order any tool on the website. You should better purchase not a small amount of credits as you enjoy a discount for buying a few dozen:

  • $399.00 per 100 credits (a credit for $3.99)
  • $299.00 per 60 credits ($5.00 per credit)
  • 16 credits would cost $96.00 ($6.00 /credit)
  • 3 Credit Pack for $21.00 ($7.00 /credit)

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